marabu series ink-凯发ag旗舰厅

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sr series: abs,san,pvc,tough pvc, pc, pet. petg, peta, pmma, pa, pom, tough pu. paper. paper skin., backedon finish. alu. wood materials and so on. high reflet,good covering and resistance to petrol


py series: abs. tough pvc,petg.. pretreatment pe. pp. pa. pom. tough pu. backedon finish. wood material and so on.hign reflet, good covering and softness


tpr series: ps.abs,san.tougn pvc, soft pvc, pc, pet petg, peta, pmma, pa, pom, tough pu,heating curing plastic materials. paper, alu, wood materials and so on,high reflet, good covering,resisrance to petrol and alcohol.


tpy series: abs, tough pvc,pretreatment tough pu, heating curing plastic materials, paper, backedon finish, metal and wood materials and so on.high reflet.good covering and chemoresistance


pp series: pretreatment pe pp none-treatment pp,lente plana.


tpu series: pet. pretrteatment pu ,mretals materials and so on, high reflet, great covering, good chmoresistance.


gl series: backedon finish, metal materials ,glass and so on,high reflet ,good covering resistance to wash dish washing machine



tpc-uv series:,pe,pa,metal,chinaware and so on,can be used in single or double elements , good covering ,good reflet, resistance to alcohol/petrol and oil.


related additive:

st1: anti-drawing and antipilling

ukv1:oil thinner

p1 water: surface treatment to the pp materials

sv3: slow dry additive

sv5:slow dry additive

sv9: slow dry additive(slowest)