pr series pad printer characteristic and naming rule-凯发ag旗舰厅

pr series pad printer characteristic and naming rule
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pr series pad printer designed for ink cup system, suitable for both thin and thick steel plate ink cup system.

pr series pad printer use special pad and inkcup link gear , to get longer pad front/rear stroke c and shorter steel plate length a, to obtain bigger object fix distance b, especially suitable for printing small image on the middle of big object.   

selected device for tic series pad printer is also suitable for pr series pad printers.


pr series pad printer naming rule as follow, normally, the client can order the machine with different devices :


pr             m               3                 s                d                l             ip           127            a

          ②     ③     ④     ⑤     ⑥    ⑦    ⑧    ⑨


machine series——pr series pad printer

machine size

            s---smallpad front/rear stroke 154mm

            m---middlepad front/rear stroke 194mm

            l---largepad front/rear stroke 244mm

            k---hugepad front/rear stroke 314mm

            u---super hugepad front/rear stroke 390mm

color number need print — color number 1 is default .

worktable , ink cup move direction or pad style

            c- oval conveyor worktable

            m- servo motor shuttle table

            p- pad left/right movement

            r- round turntable

            s- pneumatic shuttle table

            t- transverse ink cup

            v- vertical conveyor

stand for small size machine  

default— none

d— yes

control panel type

default—common led panel

l—lcd panel

t—touch panel

additional or special devices

ip—additional individual pad down system

pc—additional pad cleaning device

the pitch between inkwell or worktableunits mm